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This Weekly Standard article on the 2008 GOP primary in Michigan refers to Gov. Romney and Sen. McCain as “the two frontrunners.” I like it.
It’s also got an interesting comment about religion:

Romney, the Mormon from Massachusetts, has an equally interesting story. He’s armed with movie star good looks and loads of charisma. He has a critically acclaimed health-care plan. And his appearances in early primary states are already drawing rave reviews. The great question mark on primary day? Romney’s religion is slightly less popular among Christian conservatives than Brokeback Mountain. Luckily for him, he’s drawn John McCain as his opponent. Those same Christian conservatives who make up the Republican base may dislike McCain even more than Mormonism.

To be fair, the issue is not how much one “dislikes” either McCain or Mormonism. The issue is what matters more in a presidential election: theology or values. Sure, those of us writing here don’t agree with Mitt Romney’s theology. But we want him to be our president, not our pastor. And do you really think a guy who referred to people like us as “agents of intolerance” would further the interests of people of faith? Come on.
On, and then there’s this: In South Carolina, the article says, Gov. Romney is “likely to get a thumbs down from Christian conservatives.” Funny, isn’t that what a lot of people were saying about Memphis?

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