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After reading Charles’ post below on Obama’s recent love letter to people of faith, I can’t help but shake my head at the ultimate futility of the Democrats’ efforts. Appealing to evangelicals is more than a matter of speaking nicely to us or acknowledging that we’ve actually done some good things over time. There’s the small matter of actual political positions on issues of real cultural importance. Ten thousand scripture-quoting speeches won’t make a pro-choice party pro-life. Trotting out the occasional Christian environmentalist or anti-Wal-Mart activist won’t galvanize the suburban masses (especially since we all bought our copies of The Purpose Driven Life and The Passion of the Christ at Wal-Mart).
Economic and environmental issues may energize some evangelicals, but it won’t energize the movement. Too many evangelicals are (rightly) skeptical that leftist economic policies are better for the poor, and too many are (properly) skeptical of the highly-politicized world of climate science.
It’s not impossible for Democrats to appeal to evangelicals. They just have to be willing to rethink some off the core planks of their platform. A pro-life Democrat who protects basic religious freedoms and shows real resolve in the War on Terror could generate enthusiastic evangelical support. But then would he still be a Democrat?
CHARLES adds: Of course he could be a Democrat, David. I could be a Democrat tomorrow if I wanted to. He could just never get nominated for or elected to national office!

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