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So, after reading the Jeff Jacoby article that Charles linked below, I’m convinced that the Massachusetts left is the best thing that ever happened to Governor Romney. Four months ago, they decided that Catholics shouldn’t be able to place disabled children in loving homes unless Adam and Steve have the same chance as everyone else, and now they’re saying that the people of Massachusetts shouldn’t even have a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment. Because, you know, democracy is so wrong and unfair.
By standing against this ridiculous extremism, Governor Romney solidifies his already strong standing with social conservatives…and he does so without losing any potential support amongst even mainstream social liberals. Even mainstream liberals tend to support the democratic process.
The Governor only has a few more months in office. So hurry up, Massachusetts radicals–your opportunities to help Mitt Romney become president are slipping away. After you’ve chased the Catholics from the adoption process and threatened to block a constitutional amendment without a vote, what else can you do?

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