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As we pointed out, Gov. Romney was in Arkansas recently. Here is what Kane Webb, an editor at the appropriately named Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, made of him in a piece whose title plays off John J. Miller’s excellent National Review profile from last year. Notable portions:

But Romney doesn’t come across as an insufferable patrician-politician forever on the make. When a local TV reporter asked the first- (and last ) term governor of Massachusetts to describe the arc of his political career, he joked, “If I had to describe my political career, I’d say short.”
Unlikely, too. Here’s a Mormon Republican Michigander by way of Utah who’s the conservative governor of…Massachusetts. The bluest of blue states where the ideal pol is considered an Irish Catholic with a last name of Kennedy. Or at least the initials JFK. And here’s Romney without a whiff of a Baw-ston accent. Midwest whitebread all the way.
What’s more, Romney had the poor taste to actually challenge Ted Kennedy for his lifetime Senate seat back in ‘ 94. Not even the Republican Revolution that year could keep Romney from getting stomped.
“I’d lose to Kennedy again today,” he says. “I’m a white male Mormon millionaire ! Come on!”

Amusing. And then there was this pithy bit describing what it was like to watch the Governor work the room: “Think George W. Bush; then think the opposite.”
Well, I yield to very few in my admiration for the president, but, uh, yeah, like David said…

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