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…was featured in an outstanding Associated Baptist Press story the other day. Here is a snippet:

French, who founded the web site, is a Presbyterian writer who became interested in politics during a college internship in 1994. Now living in Columbia, Tenn., French said the specific phrasing of political survey questions determines a lot about the results. If the question had been between a nameless candidate who was Southern Baptist and an anonymous candidate who had struggled with alcoholism, she said, most respondents likely would have chosen the Southern Baptist candidate–and thus picked Bill Clinton over George W. Bush. The Times did not reveal the questions used in the survey at the time of its release.
“Liberals want to divide us [conservative voters], and that’s what this poll is trying to do,” French told ABP. “Politically, there’s no air between us [Mormons and conservative Christians]. If it wasn’t for Utah, we wouldn’t have a President Bush, we’d have a President Gore.”
French noted that evangelicals and Mormons both tend to be politically conservative, and that, at any rate, voters will care less about the Mormonism and more about the man. Historically, both Mormon and evangelical groups have opposed gay marriage, embryonic stem-cell research and abortion. A second potential candidate who mirrors evangelical stances as closely as Romney hasn’t emerged, French said.

Read the whole thing. Great job, Nancy!

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