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Of course we all remember that famous moment in political history, after Dan Quayle claimed to have the same amount of Congressional experience JFK had when he ran for President. Lloyd Benson scolded: “I knew Jack Kennedy; Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Jack Kennedy.”
Even though I was just a kid, I remember watching the debate, realizing that some big shift had happened, and thinking, “Ouch.”
That slam, of course, has not dissuaded other politicians from invoking the name of America’s beloved former President. In 2004, President Bush’s comparison of himself and JFK elicited a reprimand from Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who admonished to “keep my father out of your campaign.” Joe Lieberman on the steps of the state Capitol in Hartford earlier this month, said, “I have been a proud, loyal and progressive Democrat since John F. Kennedy inspired my generation of Americans into public service.” And John Forbes Kerry’s self conscious use of his initials raised more than just my eyebrows.
There’s something magical about the name of John F. Kennedy, and every politician (Republican or Democrat) knows it.
The article Charles mentioned made me realize that whenever Gov. Romney’s religion is discussed in newspapers and magazines, John F. Kennedy’s name will be mentioned as well–legitimately linking the two men in the minds of voters.
That can’t hurt.

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