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It looks like a Rudy weekend here on EFM. My thought is that Rudy’s entry in the race hurts John McCain more than anyone else. For McCain to win the nomination, he has to essentially corner the market on independent and other crossover voters (in those states with open primaries), and he has to run away with the Republicans who are more socially liberal but strong on defense and economically conservative. Yet these are precisely the voters that will find Rudy appealing.
Governor Romney’s advantage is that he doesn’t have to circle his wagons around any one group of primary voters. He is the person best positioned to lead the entire Republican coalition to victory. The great virtue of the Republican big tent is that it requires candidates to offer innovative solutions to a wide variety of cultural, economic, and security issues…and do so in a way that unites all the disparate elements into an election-winning force. By contrast, with much less ideological diversity in the Democratic camp, Democratic candidates spend much more time bowing to special interests (unions, trial lawyers, the abortion industry) and then struggling to recast the inevitable standard-issue leftist laundry list of position statements as somehow “centrist” or “moderate.”
There is no question that McCain and Rudy (two American heroes) are very strong on the war (but so is Governor Romney). Less clear are the economic and cultural solutions they offer.

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