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From Valparaiso, Indiana:

This is a great website. I certainly am thinking of supporting Mitt Romney for President. I am Pentecostal and Evangelical. I agree with your analysis that attacks on Romney for being Mormon will generate more opposition to his opponents than him.
Remember, Bible-belt southerners won’t vote for a Catholic. Oh yeah, Kennedy carried North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and much of Alabama.
Remember, as was once said in the major media outlets, evangelicals won’t support a divorced candidate. Everyone recalls how poorly Ronald Reagan did among evangelical voters!
And let’s take a moment to remember President Pat Robertson, who was propelled to the Republican nomination and to the Oval Office by the religiously determined thinking of the religious right.
We’ll fool them again.
Thanks for the good work.

And from Halifax, Massachusetts:

I am an evangelical pastor from Massachusetts who appreciates the backbone Mitt Romney has shown by standing up for common sense values in this bluest of all blue states. You may think I am crazy, but Mitt Romney has a bit of Reagan in him. He smiles at liberals while he tells them why they are wrong. While I strongly disagree with many features of his faith, I respect him as a man who finds common ground on moral principles and who works hand in hand with evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics.

Pastor, I don’t think you’re crazy. And that’s coming from a guy with a Reagan bust in his office.

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