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The Washington Post is all atwitter because the governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr., who is a Mormon, appears to be backing McCain. But check out why:

Huntsman’s relationship with McCain began last year. Interested in the immigration reform debate, Huntsman sought out the senator to discuss solutions. The bond solidified when McCain invited Huntsman to join him on a trip to Iraq in late March. Huntsman reciprocated by bringing McCain to Utah in May to speak to the state party convention.

Translation: Huntsman likes McCain’s take on immigration, which the vast majority of the conservatives who will be voting in the 2008 GOP primaries abhor. And we’re supposed to view this move, then, as something that “strikes deep into the political base of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, another of the potential contenders for the Republican nomination?” Sorry, but no.
Also, just for fun, check out the next paragraph:

Last week, Huntsman came to Washington to meet with McCain. He urged the senator to run for president, and McCain asked him to play a part in that hypothetical national campaign.
McCain political strategist John Weaver called Huntsman a “rising star in our party” and added: “If John does make the decision to move forward, Governor Huntsman will play a key national role.”

Do you really think the MSM would have reported such news about any other candidate with a straight face? Huntsman “urged the senator to run for president?” They chatted about “that hypothetical national campaign?” Give me a break.

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