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Charles, a waffle maker? You should really drop hints for the Perfect Pancake device. My mom gave me one and I haven’t used my spatula since. (I hesitate to tell you this–knowing how you adore your fiancee–but it even comes with a heart shaped pancake ring.) But I digress.
Jeff Fuller, yet another one of the bloggers in the Americans for Mitt community, has an excellent piece on Redstate and Free Republic addressing Gov. Romney’s judicial appointments in Massachusetts.
He wrote it “in response to a commonly recurring attack on Romney: that he can’t be trusted to appoint good conservative/constructionist judges because of his record of judicial appointees as Massachusetts Governor, specifically regarding gay-activist judges.”
The article is exhaustive and well worth the read. Here is a snippet from a Boston Globe article that showed that Gov. Romney was on the right side of the judicial activism issue:

Governor Mitt Romney leveled an unusually personal attack yesterday at the Supreme Judicial Court for legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, telling a group of conservative lawyers and judges that the justices issued the ruling to promote their values and those of ”their like-minded friends in the communities they socialize in.”
Though Romney has criticized the SJC’s watershed 2003 decision many times before, the broadside he delivered at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention in Washington, D.C., was an atypically sharp and direct attack on the four justices who found that the Massachusetts Constitution afforded gays and lesbians the right to marry.
”If a judge substitutes his or her values for those values that were placed in the constitution, they do so at great peril to the culture of our entire land,” he said.
The remarks won applause from the 500 lawyers, scholars, and others who packed a ballroom to hear Romney’s speech.

One of the common questions we hear from people is whether Gov. Romney is a RINO, perhaps because he hails from the state that generously thrust Ted Kennedy upon us. Jeff’s article addresses these concerns in detail–so much detail that you may have to choose to read his article or War and Peace.
At any rate, Gov. Romney’s record deserves a thorough examination–he’s a politician who’s kept his word time and time again. That’s rare enough to inspire every American to make him heart shaped pancakes.
Or, we could all just vote for the guy.
CHARLES adds: Nancy. I am the perfect pancake device.

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