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I noticed an interesting article on Hotline blog, about Gary Glenn, the chairman of Campaign for Michigan Families and the president of the American Family Association in Michigan. Apparently–and I’m just reading between the lines here–the guy is not a fan of Gov. Romney.
In an e-mail to Michigan activists, Glenn wrote “before volunteering to work for Mitt Romney this weekend, be sure you’re aware of the record you’re being asked to support.” He goes on to say, “I attended last fall’s GOP conference in Michigan, where Romney continued his masquerade as a ‘conservative,’ even daring to tell the assembled activists: ‘I am pro-life’–knowing full well that he does not mean by that term what those listening would think he meant.”
So, call me crazy, but I think Mr. Glenn needs a little education. To this end, I asked Nathan Burd–internationally known pro-life advocate- to respond to Glenn’s accusations.
He kindly wrote back:

It’s a sad state of affairs when a conservative “leader” misleads his fellow conservatives. That’s exactly what is happening in Michigan as Gary Glenn, the leader of the American Family Association Michigan, has taken aim at Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a likely GOP presidential candidate who has been earning rave reviews from conservatives all around the country.
Glenn alleges that Governor Romney is a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual liberal who is undeserving of the Republican nomination in 2008. Glenn is clearly waging a desperate attempt to hurt Romney’s chances of success in Michigan. We can only speculate why Glenn is so adamantly anti-Romney, but one thing is certain: he’s ignoring the facts of Romney’s impressive record of conservative accomplishment.
FACT: Governor Mitt Romney has been an outspoken leader in the effort to protect traditional marriage. He testified at the U.S. Senate in favor of a federal marriage amendment and there has been no national leader more outspoken on this issue than Mitt Romney.
FACT: Governor Mitt Romney believes that life is sacred and begins at conception. Romney has fought against efforts to liberalize abortion laws in Massachusetts by vetoing efforts to expand embryonic stem cell research and by vetoing an initiative to make emergency contraception more readily available. By standing up for life in the rabidly pro-abortion Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Romney has earned the respect and admiration of the pro-life movement.
FACT: Governor Mitt Romney has pushed hard for the inclusion of abstinence education programs in Massachusetts schools. Recongizing the physical and mental benefits of abstinence, Romney has boldly taken on the sexual education status quo to provide healthy alternatives for the young people of Massachusetts.
The list can go on and on, but the point has been made: Mitt Romney is a strong social conservative who has taken action on the key issues of our time. Many social conservatives offer rhetoric with no record. Mitt Romney has a record that conservatives can proudly embrace.
Glenn’s misleading statements against Governor Romney shouldn’t be taken seriously. The Romney record speaks for itself.

Nathan is the Director of International Program and Public Policy of Heartbeat International–the largest group of pro-life pregnancy centers in the world. And it’s no accident that he’s a fan of the Governor’s. Check out his collection of grass roots websites at Americans for Mitt.

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