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1. After reading Charles’s post on Romney’s battle with John Kerry over Iraq, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Please, Senator Kerry, attack Governor Romney again.” Check out his communications director’s retort: “Mitt Romney’s command of national security is about as real as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,”
Nice. Given that we have found at least 500 chemical warheads, I guess that means the Governor’s command of national security is, well, real. But of course we know this wasn’t a backhanded compliment. Instead, Kerry was attempting to respond to substantive criticisms with condescension, a favorite tactic of Democrats when dealing with redneck southerners like me, but one is that is not only unpopular with the public but also destined to fail when responding to a double Harvard grad governor and former captain of industry.
2. I don’t think George Allen is a racist, and I don’t think his recent gaffe (regardless of whether his comment is a profanity or a slur) is going to cost him his Senate seat, but doesn’t this incident illustrate that perhaps communication isn’t his strongest point? I’m not sure that we need a president who has a reputation for thoughtless comments.
CHARLES adds: David, I of course agree with your thoughts, however random. And it might be worth noting that Gov. Romney has learned the hard way (via his father) not to make ill-considered comments like Sen. Allen’s.

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