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Matt Towery had an interesting (if inaccurate) article in Human Events that indicated that Romney might not be the right candidate for Republicans in ’08. He writes:
“And what would the all-important Deep South states think about a moderate candidate from left-wing Massachusetts? By abandoning the South, the Republican Party could be abandoning its base. And that could spell curtains.”
I think that Mr. Towery is right on one thing: abandoning the Deep South is a losing proposition.
However, he’s wrong on at least two things. First, Gov. Romney is no “moderate.” Just because he’s been able to serve effectively in Massachusetts doesn’t mean he’s not a real conservative. Secondly, the Southerners I’ve talked to lately aren’t so territorial that they’d want a Southern candidate or give up the presidency. They long for someone who can communicate their conservative positions persuasively.
Far from “abandoning the South,” Gov. Romney represents Southern values even more than the candidates that hail from south of the Mason-Dixon line. As the tee-shirts proclaimed in Memphis at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference:
Romney: Yankee Governor, Southern Values.
The Tennesseans who wore those shirts propelled Gov. Romney to a second place showing–over Southern candidates Huckabee and Allen. (Not to mention McCain, who placed an anemic fifth.)
The candidates who threaten to really betray the South are the ones who snub their noses at our traditional values. Gov. Romney, whose fought for life and traditional marriage for years, is doing quite the opposite.

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