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After multiple conversations with prominent evangelicals and with folks at the grassroots, I’ve discovered two things: First, we get many of the same questions regardless of whether the person we’re talking to has written books, been featured on Fox News, or does the invaluable work of staying home, helping kids with homework, and volunteering at the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Second, we find that we rarely have the luxury of time–that we cannot engage each person in the kind of lengthy discussion that serious questions so often demand. And so, I present the first in a continuing series “Short Answers to Tough Questions.”
Q. Why are you talking to me about Mitt Romney? I know that John McCain won’t go wobbly on the war, and he’s pro-life, isn’t he?
A. Nobody speaks with greater clarity about the threats we face than Governor Romney. And regarding the culture of life, do you really trust the leader of the Gang of 14 to demonstrate real resolve on judges?
Q. So I understand that Rudy is socially liberal, and McCain seems to have little patience for many of the issues I care about, but why do you think Governor Romney is a better alternative? What about George Allen?
A. Umm…
Q. But isn’t Allen a good, folksy communicator? The kind of guy that Americans will respond to?
A. Well…
Q. OK, be serious. Are you concerned about elevating a Mormon to the presidency?
A. Sorry, I’ll be serious. From a policy perspective, I think we should view the Governor’s religion not as something to be concerned about but, actually, as an asset. When the Governor speaks about the culture of life or about the traditional family or about any of the social issues we care about, he is not pandering but instead speaking from his own personal, moral convictions.
Q. But won’t electing a Mormon mean that Mormons get a huge P.R. boost?
A. Let me answer your question with a question. Do you think we should reject the best candidate for the most important job in the world because we have concerns that his religion might get a P.R. boost? If you look at the Governor’s record, you will see that he has never used his public prominence to boost the Mormon church…he simply does his job, and does it well.
Q. Are you guys really evangelicals? (Believe it or not, we get that question a lot).
A. I won’t speak for that Charles Mitchell guy, but my wife and I attend church here. We went to college here, and I wrote this book about my work defending the religious liberty of the evangelical community. We’re not perfect, but we are evangelicals.

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