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First of all, let me take both David and Charles to task on this “Evangelicals Can Multitask” newsflash. I live with David, let me give you the real scoop on Mr. French. When he was in college, he was in an airport reading C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters while waiting for a flight. Suddenly, an airport-wide page came over the intercom, telling passenger David French to come to a hospitality desk since his family was trying to get in touch with him. How did Mr. Multitask respond? He turned the page and kept reading, not wanting to leave the book for five seconds to find out why his family was urgently trying to locate him.
And as for you, Charles, welcome back. But let me say that your ability to multitask has not been shown here at EFM lately. The fact that you’re adjusting to your new job, preparing to get married, relocating, and getting your new apartment ready does not mean you can come back and post “Evangelicals Can Multitask” without being taken to task.
Lastly, Gov. Romney is going to appear on The O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8 Eastern. He should be the first guest, so tune in if you’re near a television. And make sure you put away any C. S. Lewis books you may have around the house, as they apparently are quite distracting.
CHARLES adds: Nance, you forgot “looking for a Biblically sound evangelical church in Virginia” on my to-do list. That “E” in EFM does stand for something, after all!

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