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Apparently, Howard Fineman just returned from a long leave to write a book. After I got over my feelings of professional jealousy–I wrote my book with two kids sitting on my lap, while dusting the Cheerio dust off my keyboard–I realized that he has a lot to say about the upcoming election.
Here is a jewel from his latest article:

Anti-McCain Republicans don’t have a single alternative, but seem to be gravitating to Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

This confirms what others have been saying. McCain is not endearing himself to partisan Republicans, and Gov. Romney is gaining even more traction.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out this quote from the article as well:

Sen. George Allen of Virginia was last year’s anti-McCainanite, but the bloom – indeed the whole stem – is off of that rose.

Writing like that makes me eager to read his book!

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