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The folks at Wizbang Politics have a post up about the McCain operative who accosted Gov. Romney recently in South Carolina:

The formerly Mainstream Media would have you believe McCain is always the victim of dirty campaigning, and never the instigator of it. The facts are otherwise. It seems his supporters have the spirit, too – they are trying to besmirch a potential opponent’s religious beliefs before we are even past the midterm.

Also, one of the comments grabbed my attention:

“…but having concerns about the Mormon church’s stand on polygamy and African-Americans would be something like having concerns about the Catholic church’s stand on indulgences and sponsoring crusades to retake Jerusalem. Certainly a big kernal of truth in the past, but not something that should worry people going forward. As a Christian, I can find plenty to question about the Mormon church. But if this is the best that McCain can do, it is a pretty sad effort.”

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