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Andrew C. McCarthy (a former federal prosecutor who is a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies) has a fascinating article on National Review Online today about the President’s Code for Military Commissions.
Last week, President Bush asked Congress to enact new procedures for terrorist trials–allowing us to protect the nation’s critical secrets from those trying to annihilate us while still going beyond the due process owed terrorists. Everyone expected Dems to opposed it. But, the real problem? McCain & Co.:

Yet again, they appear poised to risk our security in the service of a purportedly pro-military standard that won’t protect a single member of the armed forces.

McCain is “an anachronism,” McCarthy says, because this war is like no other: diplomatic pressure won’t work because the enemy does not have territory to defend, making the reciprocal chivalry that used to exist between enemies obsolete. McCain’s viewpoints on this war, therefore, strip America of its ability to uphold our values without empowering the enemy. In fact, when Senator McCain spearheaded an initiative to impose the anti-coercion standards for terrorist interrogations, McCarthy called it “ill-conceived and dangerous.”
The article ends with the question to which we instinctively know the answer: Can the nation afford a President John McCain?

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