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Mitt Romney was dignified, articulate, and obviously someone who didn’t shy away from messy problems as he rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics years ago. The other night I caught him on Sean Hannity’s radio show explaining why he wasn’t about to spend his state’s resources to offer protection for a terrorist leader’s goodwill tour in America. What I heard, I liked. A lot.
Romney sounded principled, intelligent, and genuine. Rudy impresses me in the same way, but Rudy’s social politics are far too liberal to carry the red states. There is no one else on the Republican horizon who has a chance of appealing to broader America as well as the conservative base. In fact, I keep asking myself, how did Romney manage to get himself elected Governor of liberal Massachusetts? There is something likeable about the man. How has he escaped being demonized the way George Bush has been?
I don’t relish the thought of one of the leaders of the Latter Day Saints Church presiding over a Presidential Inauguration some day, but give me that scenario any day over having a “professing” Christian in the mold of Jimmy Carter or Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Oval Office.
I’m placing a cautious bet that Romney will be our next president. The only other leader out there that impresses me the way he does is my Governor, Jeb Bush, but another Bush presidency ain’t in the cards. Jeb would make an outstanding cabinet member in the Romney White House, possibly heading up Homeland Security. He’d make sure FEMA was ready for the next big hurricane.

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