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Ronna Romney wrote a letter to Michigan residents who’ve been deluged with crusaders who use old quotes and outdated positions to try to mire Gov. Romney’s pro-life record.

I believe that throughout life you are constantly growing and hopefully gaining wisdom. In other words we are a work in progress. That’s why the word “gospel” means good news. In 2003 Mitt was drawn into the debate on stem cell research and was told by one of the scientists he spoke to that after 14 days you destroy the embryo. These three words changed him forever and he knew from that point on that he must become a vocal standard bearer for the pro-life cause. Despite the overwhelming support of the Massachusetts legislature as well as popular opinion in his state, he did not support the stem cell research legislation even in light of the fact that his beloved wife, Ann, has multiple sclerosis. He declared publicly in an op-ed in the Boston Globe that he was pro-life and since then has become an advocate, as Governor, for policy and legislation that support pro-life positions.
I believe that instead of asking how somebody gets to a belief and then belittling him or her on the road they traveled to get there, we should be welcoming them. The whole point of having a belief is to live it yourself and then to try convincing others that it is a worthy place to be. Today we should be celebrating the fact that we have someone like Mitt Romney who is willing to stand and fight for all Americans everywhere……born and yet to be born. Mitt is a champion for life.

Read the whole thing here. You might also find this article by Fred Barnes helpful, called “How Do Pro-Lifers Become Pro-Lifers?”
Relatedly, Charles, your correspondence with that Rudy blogger makes me a little ill. He tries to neutralize Rudy’s pro-abortion stance by saying that he thought Rudy would appoint “originalist” judges. Well, that’s all fine and good, but I just can’t rally behind someone who believes in abortion. In fact, about a week ago, I was googling to try to read more about Rudy’s pro-choice positions. I clicked on a page and there was a photo of a child (a baby boy) who was killed by partial birth abortion. I immediately tried to get off the screen, to erase it from my memory, but I couldn’t sleep that night. Or the night after. For the record, here is what Giuliani said on CNN’s show called, “Inside Politics” on Dec 2, 1999:

“I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-gay rights,” Giuliani said. He was then asked whether he supports a ban on what critics call partial-birth abortions. “No, I have not supported that, and I don’t see my position on that changing,” he responded.

Someone who acquiesces to partial birth abortion is not okay with me — regardless of judicial promises.
Gov. Romney’s sincere (and proven) track record on pro-life issues persuades this evangelical pro-life advocate and it’ll persuade other Americans as well.

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