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That’s what Gov. Romney said in a fabulous speech in Alabama. He was referring to EFM, of course.
Oh, wait. My bad. Actually, he hit the ball out of the park talking about terrorism:

Turning serious, Romney said he agrees with historian David McCollum, who was asked at a White House dinner last year what was the most critical five-year period in the history of America.
“He said, ‘From 2000 to right now,’” Romney said, quoting McCollum. “Not the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War, not the first and second world wars, but now.”
America has been attacked by “jihadists,” a fact many people don’t fully comprehend, he said.
“This is not just some little band of wackos in the hills of Pakistan and Afghanistan,” Romney said. “It is not just al Qaida or one person–it is not just Osama bin Laden–it is a worldwide effort within the world of Islam to take over Islam, to replace modernity and moderation in Islam with hatred and violent Jihad.
Romney was thankful that President George Bush recognizes the threat and that soldiers are fighting the threat.
Romney said the next president would also face economic threats from Asia, which he said is training more high tech workers than the United States and building many more advanced chemical and other plants. The government needs to make a major push to train more scientists, he said.
He also said entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security must be overhauled by the next president and Congress, and he came out strongly for line-item-veto legislation that would allow presidents to kill parts of spending bills they do not agree with without killing the entire bills.

I suspect, although I am not positive, that what was reported as “McCollum” above should have been “McCullough“–and frankly, I am positive that whichever it was, Gov. Romney got it right whether the reporter did or not.
Man, it would be nice to have that kind of confidence about the president’s verbal miscues or lack thereof…especially when he’s talking about the war in which we find ourselves…

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