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David Frum weighs in on the Rudy versus Romney debate–one that’s been going on on our website as well. He writes:

In many ways, the two men look like exact opposites: Romney, the consistent principled social conservative; Giuliani, the tough-on-terror social liberal; Romney, the smooth and friendly campaigner, Giuliani, the edgy highly caffeinated alternative. But from my point of view, these two seemingly disparate men offer the GOP the same advantage: unlike their principal 2008 rivals, both men have proven themselves supremely capable executives. Giuliani proved himself the most effective mayor in American history; Romney succeeded in private business, rescued the 2002 Olympics from disgrace, and has achieved more than any Republican governor in the nation in just one term in Massachusetts. (Yes, more than Jeb.)

So, how’s a fair minded Republican to choose? Mr. Frum says it comes down to this:

The Republican party is a pro-life party. That’s just an empirical fact about the party. Giuliani is not merely not pro-life… but adamantly unwilling to reach any compromises with those who are.

He concludes that Rudy could split the GOP in damaging ways, and predicts if he won the nomination that a pro-life Perot could emerge. Read Mr. Frum’s entire article here.

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