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To carry on with the theme of the day, I wanted to toss my own thoughts into the mix. I have to partially disagree with the e-mailer in Charles’ post. While Rudy was in office in New York, he did a lot to make us safer. If you doubt that, just think how much more nightmarish 9/11 would have been had a mayor of the quality of Ray Nagin been running the show in the Big Apple. When the hijackers hit the towers, they hit a city with well-trained first responders, a plan for disaster, and a steady leader at the helm. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Rudy’s response to 9/11 (not to mention his efforts to get crime under control in New York) make him an American hero.
But that is not the whole story. While Rudy deserves all the credit he gets, the e-mailer is correct to note that Governor Romney doesn’t get enough credit for his own national security experience. When I look at Rudy and Romney on that issue, I see more or less a draw. Both would be outstanding choices to protect our nation. But as we point out again and again, the election is not fought over national security issues alone. Rudy can’t compare to Governor Romney on his economic experience, and–crucially–the Governor’s respect for the culture of life and defense of the traditional family place him head and shoulders over Rudy in the cultural issues.
So…Rudy for Secretary of Defense; Romney for President.
CHARLES adds: Thanks, David. In case it wasn’t obvious, I did post that looking for a response if anybody had one!

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