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If you are interested in running as a Republican for president, the place to be was the Family Research Council conference in Washington DC last week, according to Hotline.

The FRC is not a large organization and it does not have formal state affiliates. The extent to which it drives policy on Capitol Hill and in the White House is debatable. But it certainly is an engine of debate. The FRC has become the to-go group in DC for journalists seeking the social conservative point of view, for television producers seeking a guest, and even is willing to provide its expert on family policy for the Daily Show to mock.

Yes, Gov. Romney was at the conference, and received three standing ovations from the crowd of cultural conservatives. We all know that the Governor can deliver a good stump speech, but this is significant because he keeps doing really well in crowds of evangelicals. You may recall in Memphis, when he spoke to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and received two or three standing ovations there. (And beat Allen, McCain, and Guiliani pretty handily in the Hotline straw poll.) So, right there in the Bible Belt, evangelicals stood to applaud the man who some say can’t win their hearts. And here again, he brings the evangelical house to its feet.
That’s worth pointing out, no?

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