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This morning I hit your site,, for the first time. This is very deep material. I read yesterday’s post, “AN EXCRUCIATING DECISION” and was so enamored by Dr. Mohler’s article I scrolled to the bottom and read most of the postings from June 25th to today. After reading this site and especially after re-reading yesterday’s post I said to myself, “You are really slow to listen and slower still to understand.” As I have tried to reason and show political “facts” I have lately seem to have more confrontations then happy experiences when discussing politics. I have gotten myself so buried in numbers and dates I have forgotten there are feelings and perspectives which I did not envision or comprehend. Dr. Mohler’s broadcast has opened my eyes again to the fact that honest people are not just dealing with intellectual logic but they have deep feelings which they are struggling with on a very personally and spiritual level. I am a Mormon and I think I need to go apologize to people that I have
argued with. Thank you for the eye-opener.

And two:

Thank you for such a fantastic website. I have been reading daily for a couple months now and feel as though I have come to befriend each of you and enjoy your distinct personalities! The banter back and forth is refreshing. ;)
I am a Jew who has accepted Jesus as my savior. I am also interested in Republican politics. I was one of the Condi people until I discovered Mitt Romney (and realized drafting Madame Secretary was an ill-fated attempt!). EFM and Mitt himself (on The Charlie Rose Show) were able to articulate what I was thinking in my head; that we are choosing a president, not a pastor, and the important factor is that the values we share are common.
I have a couple Christian friends who are liberal believers (for whatever that phrase is worth). They subscribe to the theories of Jim Wallis, author “of God’s Politics.” I was wondering if you, the editors of EFM, have ever debated with Christians on the left about which party (and/or candidate) is closer to the true biblical model, and if Mitt Romney and your support for him ever plays a role in those discussions?
Thanks very much. Keep up the great work; I’ll be reading!
Go Mitt!

Yes, it is entirely too late for me to add any commentary.

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