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I’m watching the Republican party’s current Foley implosion with morbid and horrified fascination. Is there any doubt that we desperately need better communication and organization? There is no question that Foley did terrible things, but we are now reaching the point where good people and good public servants are being sucked into the abyss of this scandal. I’ve said it for some time, but I think now more than ever that a perception that a candidate offers not just great communication skills but also has a reputation for, quite simply, excellence in their business and political career (I hate the word “competence”…It implies mediocrity and boredom) may become the dominant factor in the race.
Does McCain give off that impression? I don’t think so. Governor Romney does, but so does Rudy. Not coincidentally, Romney and Rudy have both run complex organizations well and both have built credibility with the Republican base by responding to significant challenges by seizing the public initiative and responding with grace under pressure.
The more I think about the primary, the more I think it will boil down to Romney v. Rudy (assuming Rudy runs, of course) in a battle of charismatic leaders for the hearts and minds of a party that is desperate to once again approach the public with poise and confidence.

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