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Let me thank you for a valuable, interesting website. I enjoy coming here every day and reading all of the comments. The latest two posts about James Dobson reminded me of a time when I was a student at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho), an LDS college in southern Idaho. I worked at the college’s radio station and every Saturday morning got to broadcast Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family. It became one of my favorite shows and I really grew to admire Dr. Dobson. I even purchased several of his books regarding relationships and child rearing which I have read and referenced over the past years as I’ve married and raised (or am in the process of raising) my children. His values and insights were absolutely compatible with mine, though our religions differed. I know many LDS people who have embraced his ideas, appreciated his counsel, and feel nothing but respect for him and his work. Personally, I am grateful to the Lord for raising up such a man whose voice and ideas have blessed and enriched so many lives. I hope that Dr. Dobson, in turn, can show similar respect for a statesman like Mitt Romney, who embodies the same values that Dr. Dobson teaches.

I’m not sure Dr. Dobson evinced a lack of “respect,” to tell the truth, but this is probably the fairest take I have seen. Remember, Dr. Dobson didn’t (to use Al Mohler’s dichotomy) even say evangelicals shouldn’t vote for a Mormon–he merely posited that they wouldn’t. That’s not disprespect; that’s political prognostication. (To be clear, I’m not sure that saying evangelicals shouldn’t vote for a Mormon is “disrespect,” either, so much as a bad political strategy, but let’s leave that aside for now.) Our reader points out why evangelicals should vote for one particular Mormon, Gov. Romney, and Nancy nicely points out evidence (of which Dr. Dobson might be unaware) suggesting that they are willing to do so.
In any event, we join our reader in asserting that Gov. Romney does indeed share the values of evangelicals like Dr. Dobson–and in hoping Dr. Dobson comes to see that.

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