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The Corner has an interesting prediction about prominent evangelical leaders:

Incidentally, I would not be surprised if just about every evangelical leader who wants to be taken seriously winds up being publicly warm to Romney — and early on. That doesn’t mean endorsing him — though I think some will wind up doing so — but making clear that him being a LDS-er is not a disqualifier for them to consider him. Besides being in sync on very many issues — the governor’s Sunday-night Family Research Council speech I wrote about yesterday was a good reminder of that — the smart leaders will recognize that letting that evangelical-Mormon problem be a story for too long is a bad thing for them. Looking like religious bigots isn’t all that becoming.

So, what would become of us if the Evangelical/Mormon issue was solved and voters moved on to the more pressing political issues at hand? I guess if all of our readers move on, we could turn this blog into a rolling commentary about Battlestar.

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