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Okay, one more post. Two fabulous things have just come to my attention.
First, National Review Online has published its Q&A with Nancy. In it she discusses her new book, which you should buy immediately. My darling fiancee took a sneak peek last night while babysitting the French kids and endorsed it wholeheartedly–in case I wasn’t already positive that it would be awesome. Nancy was also asked if evangelicals would support a Mormon for president, and she said, brilliantly:

They’ll vote for a Mormon, just as they supported him at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis. There, a bunch of Evangelicals combined with a few Mormons to propel him over McCain, Guiliani, Allen, Huckabee, et al, in the Hotline Straw Poll. They’ll support him because there’s not a millimeter of difference between him and them politically.
Just a cursory glance at the possible GOP field is enough to narrow down the possible candidates to one Willard Mitt Romney. Although Rudy is a national hero, his social stances are enough to make Christians crawl back into bed on voting day. And who needs Democrats when McCain’s disdain for Christianity is as transparent as a pane of glass? Allen’s campaign has imploded into a big glob of incompetence. Huckabee’s a good man, but few believe he could be a good president. Frist is a good senator, but is as exciting as Al Gore used to be–back when he was merely the inventor of the Internet and not a celebrated movie star.
If Evangelicals always voted for the “most Christian” candidate, Alan Keyes would’ve been nominated. The reality is, we’re a politically sophisticated bunch who pick the right candidate for the right time. And we’ve never needed Mitt Romney more.

Secondly, look what the Hotline has to say about last night:

Romney Warms Hearts Of Conservative Establishment
If Woody Allen was right, and “80 percent of success is showing up,” then MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) did himself a big favor by appearing last night at National Review Online’s 10th Anniversary party in Washington. Romney was the only ’08 contender to woo the hundreds of prominent conservatives who packed the dining room of Charlie Palmer’s steakhouse. He was also the only non-National Review staffer who got a turn at the mic.
In very brief remarks, Romney paid tribute to the venerable magazine’s internet site, describing it as a welcome tonic for people like him whose hearts are in red America but whose homes are in blue. Boston, the Bay State governor explained, has two types of media outlets: the “Kennedy apologists” and “the liberals.” The line was good enough for a few chuckles, but it was his mere presence that said it all; that and the fact that two of the evening’s sponsors had the word “Mitt” in their titles. Both the Ann D. and Mitt Romney Foundation and “Evangelicals for Mitt” helped underwrite the shindig–a fact that was pointed out by NR editor Rich Lowry in his remarks.
As Romney stuck around after speaking to shake hands and take pictures with an audience that included such bold-faced names as Krauthammer, Blankley, Comstock, Matalin, Libby (!) and Bonjean, the buzz was almost audible: McCain alternative.

Sounds good to me!

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