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Okay, I’ve gotten e-mails from confused EFM readers who just don’t get this post of mine. This leads me to believe that even though our readers may have a good idea why Gov. Romney would be a great president, they might not know to tune into the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday nights.
For those of you who don’t know why I linked to Gaius Baltar’s webpage, please read this excerpt from a recent Entertainment Weekly article:

Galactica has a conceptual hook that pays off as adventure, as theory, and as metaphor. It goes like this: The remaining humans from the bombed Twelve Colonies are in perennial search of a new homeland and in perpetual battle against the Cylons–man-made machines gone evil on us, some of whom look human. The actual humans are led by a brave spaceship admiral and, by her example as a moral deep thinker, a teacher-turned-government leader-turned-teacher again . The Cylon enemies include sexies like platinum blond Number Six, who’s turned one human–the show’s current president of the Twelve Colonies–Gaius Balta into a pathetic, quivering jelly of a man. (I suppose one has to say, this being science fiction: not literal jelly.) Baltar is a stand-in for the fanboys tuning in: If you diagrammed his skull you’d see three sections–rationality, guile, and ummm, pretty girrrrlll!

Needless to say, Gaius is the president during this season, and his pathetic leadership qualities were on full display Friday night. Maybe I overestimated our readership when I giddily posted after the season premiere? Prove me wrong. Rent the DVDs from previous seasons and set the TiVo for SciFi.
That way, Gov. Romney can corner the market on the Geek Constituency.

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