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Largely because it seems like a witch hunt. But, a Boston Globe article yesterday alleged close collaboration between Mitt Romney’s ’08 presidential campaign team and LDS Church officials. The LDS church says that the article is full of inaccuracies.
I actually received an e-mail from one of the recipients of an e-mail sent from BYU, which is mentioned in the story.

First off, the LDS church would never take a side in a political race (except in occasional moral issues). They continually and repeatedly assert their neutrality (including in meetings over the pulpit). The Church does not support any candidate or party. In fact, there are disciplinary actions for members who use church resources to promote a political candidate or party (IE: anyone with access to a congregation list is trained to never use those lists for personal, commercial, or political purposes).
Elder Jeffrey Holland, as a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles, is a key part of that neutrality. In fact, a democrat student intern I was with once asked Elder Holland if he had any thoughts on the intern’s boss boss. Harry Reid. Holland just said: “Tell him he is doing a great job, and we love him.” Over and over and over, the leaders are instructed never to take sides, but rather to support political activity in whatever chosen party. (For me, the choice is clear-cut these days, but to each his own… there are Mormon Democrats).
The LDS Church is not about to change its political neutrality stance just because one of its members may be going for a higher office than usual. Even if (hopefully) Gov. Romney gets elected President, HE will be running the country, not Gordon B. Hinckley (or a successor). The church will continue its long-standing policy of political neutrality.

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