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I was clear enough in my last post that I wanted some of the other EFMers to start posting a tad more, no? I threatened to turn Evangelicals for Mitt into Evangelicals for Obscure Latin Derivatives. Having given them 24 hours to compose something — to no avail — that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Hodiern \Ho”di*ern\, Hodiernal \Ho`di*er”nal\, a. [L. hodiernus, fr. hodie today.] Of this day; belonging to the present day. [R.]

Usage: I was keeping up with hodiernal events in the Washington Post, when I saw that Washington Democrats were trying — once again — to “find God.” No, not in the salvific way, but in the political way. They want to connect with people who love God, by trying to recast some famous parables.
For example, the story of the Good Samaritan could be respun to tell the listening Christian that bigger government is needed to help police dark roads.
I kid you not. Read the whole story here to remind yourself why the Dems still have no clue.
One of the themes of this blog is that Evangelicals are politically sophisticated enough to make sound political judgments. Again, I reassert that they’ll see right through this. In 2008, we’ll hopefully have Gov. Romney as a candidate, and he’ll naturally understand “people of faith” Why? Because of focus groups, think tanks, marketing strategies? Nope.
Because he is a person of faith.

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