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I didn’t mention it when Patrick Hynes, a political consultant posing as a blogger was “outed” as working for Sen. John McCain. For some reason, I didn’t want to pile on what seemed to be an embarrassing situation for them.
I have to admit, I thought it was pretty brazen that he’d said Gov. Romney’s grassroot support was orchestrated by the Governor, when in fact Hynes himself was secretly a paid political consultant posing as a grassroots blogger. Amazing. It reminds me of a former youth pastor I had who always preached against porn, only to later be discovered as having the screen name “Sweet and Sassy” on the church computer Yuck.
However, Hynes’s gall has not run out. Recently, he posted this, which is really just beyond parody. I tried to ignore his recent attack against Gov. Romney, since he was–after all–just doing his job. McCain is worried (for good reason) that Christians don’t dig his anti-Christian prejudice. Since he can’t find enough supporters who can defend him in the blog-o-sphere, he pays Hynes to do his bidding. Now that Hynes has continued to insult Gov. Romney, I feel it’s time to take note of it. That’s why I was pleased to see Lowell’s blog, which brings Hyne’s paid blogging out in the open.

The facts seem to be:
– Mr. Hynes is regularly is putting out negative “buzz” about Mitt Romney.
– Hynes is a consultant.
– His business is to use the internet to shape public opinion for his clients.
– John McCain is one of his clients.
You can draw your own conclusions.

He goes on to write this:

Hynes is a hired professional. His job is to help McCain. His future livelihood depends in part on his success in doing that. So he’s using his popular blog to get as much information out as he can that will undercut Romney and raise questions about him. This is offensive on two levels:
1. It’s dishonest. If you’re out to convince readers not to vote for Romney, say so.
2. It’s playing on religious prejudice. My guess is that Hynes knows very well what he’s doing: Feeding the fires of anti-Mormon prejudice, or related fears or uncertainties. It’s un-American and really quite disgusting. But Hynes does it with a certain elan and Clintonian brazenness, doesn’t he?

Read the whole blog post here to see whether you feel like Hynes is a trustworthy source. After all, even “Sweet and Sassy” had enough dignity to resign.

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