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I am a longtime admirer of Dr. Dobson’s. Focus on the Family has been of incalculable benefit to millions of parents and kids trying to find their way in a culture that is so often fundamentally hostile to the Christian world view. Moreover, he is truly a farsighted pioneer in the culture wars–using the “bully pulpit” of his radio program to consistently advocate for life and the family but also founding organizations that will protect those values for many long years after he retires.
It is his longtime, shrewd, advocacy that gives me great hope that he will eventually offer much more enthusiastic comments about (and possibly even support) the Governor. I just don’t think Dr. Dobson or any other major Christian leader will dismiss a man of integrity who is the best and and most politically viable advocate for life, marriage, and steadfastness in the War on Terror–especially when the realistic alternatives include a supporter of partial birth abortion and the architect of the “Gang of 14″ compromise who is openly contemptuous of the Federal Marriage Amendment.
Social conservatives have simply worked too hard for too long to allow theological differences to block the best, most well-rounded conservative candidate in the race. There’s just too much at stake.

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