The EFM Feature columnist Doug Wilson has evidently decided to spread the word about Gov. Romney’s amazing qualities, after having the chance to have dinner with him. Basically, the article says that Gov. Romney could be the next President because:
1. He’s a family man.
2. He’s a self-made businessman.
3. He can govern in this polarized political climate.
4. He’s analytical and collaborative.
But what about the religion issue? He writes, “If you’re like me, this doesn’t matter much. In fact, I think it’s actually a plus because it assures me that Romney shares my personal values.” He gave Gov. Romney the last word:

“Well, if my religious affiliation is the worst thing people can dig up on me, then I’m in pretty good shape.” Continuing, Romney said, “some people in Massachusetts were concerned about this as well, but once people got to know me, they saw I had solid ideas.”

I think this is a very compelling point, especially after all the recent revelations on Capitol Hill.

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