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I just returned from a family reunion on Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee, visiting–as my mom calls them–her “outlaws” (instead of in-laws). Great weather, great family, great food. And there was even an outhouse behind the tiny mountain house beside where my dad grew up. Of course, I took a photo of it (how could you not?) and everyone made fun of me. “Look at the high-roller over there, ain’t ya never seen no outhouse before?”
Then tonight I was sitting here at my iBook G4 in a home with indoor plumbing, feeling very high-rollerish. Until I read this article.
Apparently, the place to be this week was not Monteagle Mountain, but instead a fashionable bar in DC, for the launch of a book called The Way to Win.

The authors of the book, Mark Halperin, political director of television’s ABC News, and John Harris, political editor of The Washington Post, are among the most influential weather-makers in American politics. “This wasn’t your standard book launch,” said a Washington insider. “It was a demonstration of power in the political firmament.”

Gov. Romney was there, as well as John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards. (Of course, they were probably just hanging out at that book launch while anxiously awaiting the arrival of a certain other book, no?) The article describes the social dynamic of the party, for which I’m thankful since my invitation was evidently lost in the mail:

Romney, whose Massachusetts state is usually a bastion of East Coast liberalism, is considered to be the coming man. At the party he beamed at John Fund, a staunchly right-wing writer for The Wall Street Journal, who had just written about how Romney was “wowing” social conservatives.
The clean-cut governor spent last weekend at the Family Research Council summit in Washington, the spiritual home of Christian “values voters” who provided the bedrock vote for Bush in 2004. Romney is a Mormon, which was once thought to be an insuperable barrier to winning evangelical support. “Everyone I talked to said they didn’t have a problem with it,” one attendee said.

I like that past tense phrase: “which was once thought to be” a barrier. The article goes on the speculate that Gov. Romney might just be the future president. Read it all here.

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