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(Hat tip to Mike)
During a press conference about Massachusetts Turnpike tolls, a Boston Globe reporter began a long-winded, heavily-worded soliloquy which Gov. Romney could see was not really a “question.”

Reporter: “With so much unknown, economically, ah, when it comes to the common wealth’s roads, with, um, the dollar amount on the big dig repairs, and anything that is found in the review unknown, um, with, ah, outside agencies saying that almost every, ah, transportation agency in the state is facing a, ah, budget deficit, and with your own transportation finance commission, ah, ah, recommending, ah, keeping the western tolls in place among a number of other different options, why then is the administration forgoing possible revenue and actually adding to the transportation burden of the common wealth…”
Romney: “Do you have a point of view on this?” Romney joked.
Romney: “Or is that a question?”
Stunned Reporter: “I represent the people, governor.”
Romney: “No I represent the people. You represent the media. You’re supposed to be unbiased.”

Watch the video here. Just another example of Romney’s communication skills.

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