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Thanks to Brad for pointing me in the direction of this article, which says that “movement conservatives” are becoming more and more impressed by Gov. Romney. No, I’ve never heard that phrase before either. Evidently, “movement conservatives” are

disciples of small government aligned with social activists, whose priorities are opposing abortion, gay rights, gun control and what they see as a secular fixation with the separation of church and state.

And the article claims that the latest to catch their attention is Gov. Romney.

In the Republican primaries, Romney has another weapon: McCain. The Arizona senator has done a good job of courting President George W. Bush and some of his supporters, and the two men came out of their 2000 presidential race with a minimal regard for one another. But much of the Republican right wing despises McCain, although he usually votes the social- conservative line. Privately, they say, he does not mean it.

In other words, Romney is the best ABM (Anybody But McCain) candidate, since many Christians (rightly) feel McCain is anathema to their values. Maybe that’s why McCain’s paid political consultant Patrick Hynes is trying so hard to discredit the Governor as discussed below?
By the way, David and I got a dog. No, we didn’t name the dog Hillary.

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