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Jeff Fuller has an interesting post over at RedState, tracking what famous conservatives are saying about Gov. Romney.
Rush Limbaugh: “Limbaugh has almost completely withheld commentary on the ‘08 race. But today he called George Allen the most truly conservative potential ‘08 candidate, then quickly said that Mitt Romney was a CLOSE second.”
Bill O’Reilly: He’s seeing a lot of reasons to give Romney an edge. “He’s photogenic. He’s articulate. He’s got money. New Hampshire likes him. This guy . . . you watch him,” O’Reilly said.
Ann Coulter: Actually, of the ones they talk about…he’s [Romney] my favorite. It’s somebody out of the blue.
He also goes through other conservatives who have said nice things, like Mort Kondracke, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, David Yepsen, and David Broder. Read the whole thing here.

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