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TownHall has a good article about the 2008 hopefuls. Here’s the breakdown.

As a Washington Post reporter has put it, “Those who think that the 9/11 hero would be a formidable candidate are forgetting about the 9/10 Rudy. Meaning, this is a guy who is pro-choice on abortion, pro-gay rights and moved in with a gay couple after a messy breakup with his wife that came as he was dating another woman.”


John McCain is a media favorite frequently described as a “maverick,” but he’s not a favorite of many conservatives (perhaps a mutual feeling, depending on what you’re reading).


The Republican senator from Virginia was long presumed among the 2008 favorites. Essentially, he and Romney would be dueling to challenge McCain for frontrunner status going into the Republican primaries. But when what was supposed to be a relatively easy reelection contest for him this year went awry thanks to a mix of Allen bungling and old stories about racism as a college kid, his presidential prospects were murdered both by his own hand and by a relentlessly hostile media. Few would have predicted that just last spring.


Podhoretz insists Rudy Giuliani is the only one who can beat Hillary. I’m not so sure. Fact is, unlike political dorks, most normal Americans don’t even know the alternatives to the celebs whose names are so often floated for the White House. There’s time, in other words, for them to get to know Mitt.

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