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The Opinion section of USAToday featured a column by Heather Mac Donald entitled “Conservatism Doesn’t Need God.” Wait a second…that doesn’t sound right.
While the author and I don’t see eye-to-eye on the entire column (particularly the title), Mac Donald raises several crucial issues. For one, a leader’s religious beliefs should not be what define him or her; that (as is exclaimed daily here at EFM) a president is not the spiritual leader of the country. Secondly, politicians believe that Evangelicals (and really, people of any faith) are more than willing to give their stamp of approval to any leader that claims to share said faith – even when their actions show no shared moral ground (witness one Clinton, William J.) And lastly, conservative Christians must be able to defend their political convictions without falling back on the “God said so!” line.
Conservatives are just as diverse a group as any. And even though the author of this column may not realize it, we are smart enough to acknowledge that differences in faith do not have to equal a difference in vision for the country.
And notice I spared you all of any Latin vocab. That would be because I’ve forgotten it all. Which is only a shame because now I’ll never be able to complete the Sunday crossword.

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