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Happy Halloween! My first Halloween in my own place and I got zero trick-or-treaters. Possibly a result of the twelve locks required to get into my building, but disappointing nonetheless. But you know what that means? More candy for myself and more time to find bits & pieces to post.
I’ll start with Victor David Hanson’s report on Gov. Romney at the Hoover Institution last week. VDH says:

The Hoover Institution has been hosting Presidential hopefuls. The latest visitor was Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who spoke to, and received questions from, the Senior Fellows yesterday. For about one hour, he heard some tough inquiries, answered without notes, kept his cool, and talked analytically rather than in platitudes. I was impressed, and came away thinking that being a conservative governor in Massachusetts must have sharpened his debating skills and given him insights about dealing with the therapeutic mindset. I don’t know what he thought of us, but most of us thought him quite impressive.

Second, a look at the ridiculous poll touted by the Boston Globe on Friday. (Read it if only for the fact that the author throws in the word ‘Lilliputian’ and has inspired me to add it into my every day vocabulary. “Sir, we’ve declined your line of credit application because of the Lilliputian account balances you currently hold with our bank.” Oh, I am SO saying that tomorrow!)
And lastly, in case you can’t stop by the Frenches’ for Halloween festivities tonight, this is probably what you’re missing.

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