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If you haven’t already seen today’s National Review Online, please head over there to read Kathryn Jean Lopez’s article about Governor Romney’s speech at the Family Research Council’s “Liberty Sunday: Defending Our First Freedom” event at Tremont Temple Baptist Church Sunday night.

If Liberty Sunday in Boston is any indication, there may be something to Romney’s optimism — there may, in fact, be no Mormon problem. To put it less than Christianly: It’s the issues, stupid. Perhaps, despite polls and chatter suggesting hesitancy among evangelicals or others to vote for a generic Mormon, once they see that the Mormon is a politician with a in-sync record who gives a stirring speech, singing the right tune, at an already rockin’ black evangelical church, the so-called Mormon problem may be a moot point.

Okay, many of you know that I’m going on a one woman crusade against the “It’s the ______, stupid” phrase which was never very compelling to me. However, since it’s K-Lo (my new BFF 4-Ever because of this) I’ll let it slide.
As time progresses and the Republican field has already been narrowed down, it seems most evangelicals understand Gov. Romney is the best hope for values-minded voters.

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