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There are the Texans for Mitt, the Tennesseeans for Mitt, the Iowans for Mitt. Then there are the Evangelicals for Mitt, the Catholics for Mitt and the Law Students for Mitt. Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney isn’t a declared candidate for president yet, but already several Web logs, or blogs, are sprouting up to promote the Republican for the White House in 2008. Like the grass-roots efforts of old, this is the newfound Web-roots.

Thomas Burr, of the Salt Lake Tribune, wrote a great article about all the grassroots “for Mitt” websites that seem to be popping up around the blogosphere. (We listed them a while back here, although I’m sure more have emerged since.)
Americans for Mitt gets mentioned, as well as Tennesseans for Mitt, and (ahem) Evangelicals for Mitt. Our very own Charles Mitchell is quoted extensively:

“A lot of people think that the fact that he’s a Mormon is going to be a huge problem, if not a deal-breaker for Evangelicals, who are a big part of the Republican base,” Mitchell says. “That shouldn’t be the case. . . . The 2008 election is for president, not for pastor.”

The founder of the “For Mitt” movement is Nathan Burd, who was quoted as saying,

“We don’t have a template. We don’t have a standard form. We don’t share content. Everyone’s done this on their own,” says Burd. “It’s as grass-roots as you can be.”

The fact that all of these blogs have emerged is just another sign pointing to Gov. Romney’s cross-country appeal. Read the entire SLT article here.

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