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Gov. Romney was all over the media yesterday.
The Boston Phoenix ran a big story on him in which Grover Norquist and others said some very interesting things. Check our Quotes page for more.
A blogger over at the Claremont Institute’s The Remedy pronounced, “Romney Gets It.”
The AP revealed that Gov. Romney publicly calls Ann Romney “Sweetie.” My wife enjoyed this, though she prefers “Dear.”
Another AP piece produced a great quote from Jerry Falwell. Again, check the Quotes page.
Andrew Sullivan pronounced Gov. Romney “the Christianist candidate.” Let me go get my violin.
The Corner reported that Fred Barnes argued on Fox News that Gov. Romney’s religion is “less of a problem than people think” to evangelicals.
The DC Examiner ran a big piece–which was the top story on Drudge for a while–noting Gov. Romney’s differences with John McCain.
And there was a ton of traffic on Gov. Romney, evangelicals, and Mormons on The Corner. Don’t have time to post it all–just head over if you’re interested.
Anyway, I think those are the major ones. And speaking of big days, there is one tomorrow, and as much as I love you guys, I won’t be blogging. It’s time to give thanks. See you in a few.

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