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An EFM reader wrote me the following e-mail:

Just wanted to point you in the direction of a good quote. I was watching C-SPAN earlier today and Donna Brazille was on with Michael Steele. Brazille said that Gov. Romney was the Republican she most feared in the upcoming Presidential election.

Well, I checked the C-SPAN website, and he was right! The following exchange occurred on Washington Journal this weekend:

C-SPAN: “Who do you fear the most on the Republican side as your 2008 nominee?”
DONNA BRAZILE: “Mitt Romney.”
[MICHAEL STEELE discusses the Democratic side, mentioning Clinton and Gore.]
C-SPAN: “And why Governor Romney?”
BRAZILE: “He’s an interesting personality‚Ķ”
STEELE: “Yeah.”
BRAZILE: “‚Ķhe looks the part, and again, in a post-9/11 world I think people will also question his experience, but I think John McCain will flame out before the primaries even begin.”

Brazile, of course, is the veteran Democratic strategist who managed Al Gore’s 2000 campaign. And Steele is the lieutenant governor of Maryland who ran unsuccessfully for the Senate and should be, but is not, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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