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Family Security Matters has an article up today called “Two Men From Massachusetts,” written by our very own Charles Mitchell. It compares Jon Carry, sorry, I meant John Kerry and Gov. Romney and asks whether people will find Gov. Romney’s home state a insurmountable barrier–in spite of the two men’s stark differences.

And at least one Bostonian grasps that in response, we should be attacking jihadists–not our soldiers and not our president. That Bostonian, Gov. Mitt Romney, deserves a good look, despite his current state of residence.

Well said, Charles. You’ll also notice that the first line of his article has a fantastic Latin derivative: effete, which means, “Lacking in wholesome vigor, overrefined society.” This comes from the same Latin word which gives us “fetus,” effetus–literally “unproductive” and “morally exhausted.”
So Charles has chosen the perfect word to describe the senator from Massachussetts. The perfect word to describe the governor of Massachusetts will hopefully one day be “president.”

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