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Jay Leno just made a joke about Gov. Romney during his monologue, according to my sister:

In this week’s TIME magazine there is an article on whether Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney could be President. The title of the article is “Can a Mormon be President of the United States?” Sure, I think a Mormon could be President–I think a Mormon could be a fine President…standing up there you have the president and 18 First Ladies…. (laugh, laugh) Don’t write me a letter–I’m being silly!

This is, of course, similar to how Gov. Romney jokes about himself, for example when he said that people of his faith were concerned about gay marriage. To us, he said, marriage is between a man and a woman. And a woman. And a woman.
Nonetheless, here we are. Americans are quite possibly more concerned with a possible presidential candidate’s underwear than Janet Jackson’s. Slate (in an article that links to David’s recent post) implores the governor to “talk Mormon” with us, to settle some of the mysteries of his faith in some sort of Kennedy-esque speech.
However, the article says, Gov. Romney will have to tread carefully in such a speech:

The best intellectual argument Romney could use isn’t available to him, which is that all religions have their odd traditions and beliefs that look highly quirky under close examination. Romney could use my Catholic Church as an example, but in doing so, he’d risk alienating another key constituency.

Of course, we know that Gov. Romney has employed just such an argument. I distinctly remember him bringing up the example of Noah’s ark, a story Christians believe in spite of it’s apparent impossibility. That’s kind of what faith is, after all.
Nevertheless, John Dickerson is right that this religious issue will be an interesting one to watch. I have a feeling this won’t be the only Romney joke that Jay Leno tells.

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