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From my friend James in Florida, who recieved a phone call last night from research group inquiring about 2008.

There was one question that should have clued me in as to where the survey was going. I was asked whether I would rather vote for a conservative candidate who voted his personal values, or a Christian candidate who voted according to his faith.
After going through the candidates: McCain, Guiliani, Gingrich, Romney, and Pataki (although after getting my opinion of them, when I could vote for my first and second choice they included Frist), the rest of the survey was all about John McCain.
I was asked to rate such statements as, “John McCain is the most likely Republican candidate to win the vote of Independents,” “McCain is the candidate most likely to defeat Hillary Clinton,” and “John McCain is the best candidate to restore the conservative principles of Reagan Republicanism to government.”
Additionally, they tried to gauge my feelings towards Bush’s Iraq and immigration policies, among other things. I was also asked if I supported conservative religious organizations and how important religion was in my life.
I honestly don’t know if there is anyone in this country, other than maybe Hillary, who so desperately wants to sit in the Oval Office as president as does John McCain.

Thanks, James. What I find interesting is the emphasis on religion. Remember when John McCain was contemptuous toward people of faith? To refresh your memory, he called them “agents of intolerance” in a speech.
When Hardball asked McCain about that, he said:

I must not and will not retract anything that I said in that speech at Virginia Beach. It was carefully crafted, it was carefully thought out.

But now? He’s recanted.
Unless, of course, James down in Florida said he did not care too much about religion in his life. In which case, John McCain may decide not to jeopardize his “Very Special Candidate” standing with the MSM, and just go back to his original contempt for the dreaded “Religious Right.”
UPDATE: James, who is one of the four regional advisors for Americans for Mitt, wrote to say that he’s never even been to Florida… He’s lived in Utah for fourteen months–his grandparents are native Floridians. I guess my headline “Testing the Waters” just wouldn’t translate as well with Utah. Maybe “Testing the Ski Slopes?”

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