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Mark Levin weighs in on the strange Washington Times piece, which asserts that McCain is the only Republican winner from last night:

But Mike DeWine (and to a lesser extent, Lincoln Chafee), one of McCain’s Gang of 14 members, went down in a decisive defeat. And McCain is more responsible than most in the Senate for slowing or derailing a variety of conservative initiatives, from tax cuts to judges. Indeed, he has embraced the radical environmental agenda, expanding judicial authority over presidential powers (including the detention and interrogation of foreign unlawful enemy combatants), and was the architect of one of the most egregious abrogation’s of free political speech in modern history. The Times apparently concludes that the lesson of this election is that Republicans are clamoring for Rockefeller-Scranton-Ford Republicanism. I think the opposite is true.

He ends by saying:

The field is wide open for a principled, articulate, and charismatic conservative. The 2008 election begins today.

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